Rules And Regulations

Dhalion Air does not store Cookies on your computer, but some Partners such as IVAO and UESVA may store Cookies. We recommend you read their “Data Processing Policies”

Dhalion Air VA never shares information with third parties. Your information will never be sold to third parties; we will not disclose any personal data without your consent. Except that the law requires us to do so.

By personal data means Age, date of birth, Gender, Email address, Phone number. As Dhalion Air VA is a nonprofit organization, we will never ask for Credit Cards, Account numbers, or any kind of payment.

Airline Callsign, Name, Nationality, and IVAO ID will be visible in our Pilot Roster as requirements. By joining Dhalion Air VA, you authorize us to display this information.

We strongly recommend keeping your passwords and user save. Never share with friends or relatives. Not complaining about this will cause the removal of the Pilot profile from Virtual Airline´s Roster, Social Media, forums or any other channel Dhalion Air VA uses, in order to protect Airline and member’s privacy and security, as their image.

Dhalion Air VA reserves the right of admission and can reject any application, deny service or expulse a member of the group if violates our principles, our regulations, IVAO regulations, or the law if it considers it so.

Dhalion Air VA does not promote Software Piracy. Is strictly forbidden to use this site or Airline´s Social Media to promote, share, sell, buy, or any other activity related to Software Piracy. Failure to comply with this clause will cause the expulsion of the member or members who incur said offense.

Members of the Airline must respect and treat other members of the Airline, IVAO users, Communities of Pilots and or ATCs, or any other person or group in a respectful manner, as well, as the use of inappropriate, offensive, sarcastic, double sense or malicious language in any manner, spoken, literal, gesture, etc by any communication channel used by the Airline, Ivao o any other partner, will cause the suspension or expulsion from the Airline.

Dhalion Air VA is a nonprofit organization. It is totally forbidden to offer or ask for goods in kind, material or economic in exchange for services favors, or to obtain benefits.