Exam Support

Exam Support

Central America
Student Jose Pablo Espinoza Fernandez
Juan Santamaría Airport/ Sann José
El Coco Tower(MROC_TWR)

How can you take part this evening?

Fly VFR in the circuit, or arrive or depart VFR – Pavas (MRPV), Liberia (MRLB), Tambor aerodrome (MRTR) are nearby
Fly IFR and depart to somewhere like Liberia (MRLB)30 minutes, Tocumen (MPTO)45 minutes, Colombia (almost 1 hours) or Somewhere nearby. All well served destinations. Once you get there, why not come back again?
Practice your approaches and landings by joining the IFR circuit.
See you all on Friday at 2330UTC – that’s 05:30pm CRI time. On Freq 118.600

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